Cord Protein Banking

Bank your healthy cells now after giving birth – It could save you and your family life later.

Cell therapies that will change healthcare as we know it are on the horizon. Cell Genesis offers the opportunity to store their own stem cells protein, with the aim of providing an international resource for storing, characterising, and supplying ethically approved, quality controlled, stem cell protein lines for potential future personalized therapy. We are probably the First in the world that provide Stem Cells Protein (Proteomics) Storage and Banking Service.

Dato Dr. Michael Lim M.S

Founder of Cell Genesis Laboratories

‘’Cells are the basic units of life. If we can give people a chance to have their own healthy cells protein stored after giving birth, while science works on making better and better cell-based therapies, I think that may give people a very personal resource to improve their health later in life.”

What is CEXCI Cord Protein?

Cord Protein Banking

Cord Proteins are the small molecules that we can extract from Umbilical Cord Tissue, to stimulate the host own stem cells to carry out the reparative mechanism.

Instead of using stem cells as a ‘worker’, we have created this protocol to make stem cells as a ‘delivery vehicle’, carries these proteins to your body and make your own cell-to-cell communication efficient

These make our Cord Protein Banking invention is different with the others

  • CEXCI Technology
  • Stem Cells Culture Technology
CEXCI TechnologyStem Cells Culture Technology
SourceProteomic from umbilical cordUmbilical cord/ Fat cells/Bone marrow/ Animal source
DosageSingle dose of 1ml100million - 1billion cells per treatment
Duration of Treatment Effect>11 years or more60 - 120 days
Functional UnitOwn stem cellsForeign stem cells
EffectsAnti-ageing & disease interventionLimited to Aesthetic & wellness
Side EffectsNoneMinimal
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The Cord Protein Banking Collection Process

Cord Protein Banking

1. Contact our hotline number (24 hours standby) once mother start to have contraction pain.

2. Upon baby is delivered, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut by the doctor.

3. Placed the baby cord (longest length possible) into Our Laboratory Sterile Container, and transfer the container into the cooler bag.

4. Our dispatch will collect the cooler bag and send it to our laboratory for process immediately.

Why store your baby’s cord with us?

Once In A Lifetime

Your newborn’s umbilical cord is ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. Let your baby become a ‘HERO’ the minute your child is born.

Safety, Security and Protection

CELL GENESIS LABORATORIES provides the ultimate protection for Cord Protein banking with utmost SAFETY, SECURITY, and PROTECTION with REAL CASE STUDIES.

1000 cases of clinical studies

Till date, we have done more than 1000 cases of clinical studies, advancing our understanding of the ageing process of our body cells, and developing potential solutions for anti-ageing.

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