About Dato Dr. Michael Lim Ming Soon

Dr. Michael Lim Ming Soon

Dato Dr. Michael Lim Ming Soon

Medical Director of Cell Genesis Sdn Bhd

2012 was the year when he became passionate about Regenerative medicine. He begins his timeless journey into a new world of Stem Cells discoveries and realised that Stem cells transplantation in general is only simple cultured cells which is not consistently effective, especially there were very limited evidence in animals with almost none in humans for anti-ageing and diseases.

Dr. Michael Lim Ming Soon pioneered the 1st Allogeneic Stem Cell transplantation for the region of Asia Pacific in 2012 for Aesthetic medicine and using source from umbilical MSC and dental pulp MSC. because of the limitations on results, he further developed his Cell Enhancement X Cad Int (CEXCI) product line treatment, that made breakthroughs in the world of anti-ageing and diseases intervention.

He has done over 1000 CEXCI treatments, upon this writing and is currently the pacesetter in the region for Stem cell therapy. His experience in the field of stem cells technology has been amicable, achieving many successes clinically.

The 1st miraculous breakthrough, was CEXCI successfully slow down and reverse significantly the ageing process of a human. Following breakthroughs, CEXCI was able to help improve more than 40 incurable diseases inclusive of complicated disease and some selected terminal cases.

He has been training doctors ever since 2012 to present, in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and China. He was also appointed as keynote speaker in 15 countries and 26 cities.

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